About Acharya Dr. Vikrmaditya

Acharya Dr. Vikrmaditya holds the position of Director in Vivekanand Nature Cure Hospital, which was established by him with the aim of providing health care facilities in all branches of medicine. This multi-facility hospital and research centre is one of its kind in the country offering under one roof a unique blend of all the branches like homoeopathy, ayurvedic, unani etc., along with yoga, meditation, nature cure, holistic healing and allopathy.

He is Acharya in Astrology and has earned his Doctorate in Yoga. Under the spiritual guidance of His Divine Grace Acharya Keshav Dev, he undertook deep study of sciences of yoga, yogasan, pranayam, yogic kriyas, meditation, tantra, mantra, herbs, holistic healing, astrology, samudrik science, rebirth, par-kaya pravesh, samadhi, telepathy, hypnosis, para-psychology, dreams, trance, spirituality and other supernatural, paranormal phenomena.

He is an authority on mudra vigyan. He is also an expert in yoga, yagya, and astrological sciences, and is committed to the preservation of ancient Indian Culture and Sciences.

He has done hundreds of TV programmes as a presenter, and has appeared as a subject expert on the various television shows of India TV, Zee TV, Zee Jagran, Pragya TV, Sahara, and Star one for several years. He has also done hundreds of Live TV Astrological Shows with bollywood stars, play back singers, political, social, religious leaders, and other celebrities.

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